Calling Time on News of the World: Rupert Murdoch Talks, Rebekah Brooks Weeps.

Hacked to death.


After 167 years, time was called on Britain’s biggest-selling Sunday newspaper (unbelievable but true), the News of the World, by its owner, one Rupert Murdoch. The final edition goes out on Sunday without any advertising. Revenue from sales will go to good causes.  (!)

The scandal just keeps right on giving!  Fallout, fallout everywhere but surely an inquiry, yes, another one, will be along soon to provide time-honoured shelter from the storm?

Knowledge is power but who will be first to spill the beans and take hostages?  Rebekah Brooks – I missed the memo on the change of name upon her marriage to Charlie Brooks so she will always be Rebekah Wade to me – remains in charge as chief executive of News International but I am slow and this could change any moment.

Imagine, since beginning her career at NoW in 1989 as a secretary (do they still make these anymore?) how much information is in that hot little red head of hers about everyone in the entire dis-United Kingdom.  She might even know something about those elusive Weapons of Mass Destruction so beloved of Tony Blair.  She might even know the exact nature of Ruth Turner’s touching devotion to her boss of the Faith Foundation she works for.  What burning questions would you like answers to?  Please, don’t hold back!

The internet is awash with developments as they rise and fall like heavy waves upon the shore. They are now lapping at the door of Number 10.  David Cameron, British Prime Minister, is not only a personal friend of Rebekah Wade/Brooks, they are neighbours. In the country.  Chipping Norton.  Week-end get togethers etc. Not forgetting Andy Coulson, former editor of News of the World, former communications director for David Cameron.

Voting, the right of every free man and woman in any democracy.  We cast our votes accordingly, our pencils marking x in the box. What of those who write cheques instead? Political patronage, it costs and we all pay.

I leave you with this most read table from the Telegraph,  curious as to how long the jilted husband who built the electric chair will stay in position!