Larry Page Ranking, or Google Juice To Go Please!

The world has now become a series of algorithms.  Writing, blogging, friends, anything and everything on the internet – it is all in the numbers.


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Once upon a time, when dreams were dreams and goals were posts in the air, my fantasy was to have an editor. And an agent, for all the wonderful books I had yet to write!  I had the titles, the characters, the opening sentences, the plots, the endings waiting and ready to go.  The fact that large bulks of middles were missing was beside the point.  And remains so.

In the meantime I have taken up blogging, no niche, just postcards from wherever I happen to be.  Until then, I was content to google this and google that, but blogging has introduced me to a whole new world of Stats, Subscriptions, Comments, SEO, SERP,and suddenly, it is no longer enough to write, self-edit, and press publish in the hopes that one or two faithful friends might read and enjoy.

Now, to be truly successful, I need back links.  I need page ranking and I thought I had a reasonable idea of what page ranking was until I googled it and discovered that the process belongs to the link analysis algorithm created by Larry Page, co-founder of . . . Google!  Now you, intelligent reader, perhaps knew this long ago, but I maintain childish delight in the discovery of the unknown.

Larry’s parents were both computer science geeks, back in the days when computers were awkward beasts which ran on dos and all those other do’s and don’ts.  Meanwhile, I grew up doomed, with the gossip magazines du jour leading me to a natural affinity with Gawker and other highly sophisticated, trashtastic publications.

My goal in life remains.  To be published one day.  But I am afraid I might spend too much time in the pursuit of a page ranking. Had my parents been computer minded geeks in the maelstrom of Lansing, Michigan, circa 1970’s, I certainly would not be worrying about page ranking but you might be doing your damnedest in the pursuit of a Kuche Ranking.

Dreams, where would we be without them!