Social Media Rituals or “the timeless human desire for attention?”

I have deliberately avoided any mention of the political peccadilloes concerning the latest scandal that is Anthony Weiner, NY Democrat representative in the US Congress. There is enough information out there for anyone interested in the details.

However, in today’s New York Times, Ross Douthat, in writing about The Online Looking Glass states that

“The rituals of social media, it seems, make status-seekers and exhibitionists of us all.

Read it.  You will not be wasting your time.  Let me know what you think!

For what it is worth, narcissists will always find a way to expose themselves. And how do we know these details?  Social networking in some shape or form.  As simple as “Me Tarzan, you Jane!”   Word always gets around. Eventually.

The National Enquirer did it for Sen John Edwards, winning a Pulitzer Prize in the process.  Oprah Winfrey did it for James Frey. The Hitler Diaries were eventually outed as frauds and Richard Millhouse Nixon did it for himself.  Not forgetting, Tiffany’s doing it for Newt!  As we speak!

But my favourite has to go to Margaret Campbell, Duchess of Argyll and the scandal of the Headless Men.          

Plus ca change people, plus ça change . . .