Yes We Can and Yes He did!

Obama takes out Osama.

So many issues.  The birthers braying for Obama’s certification one week to the deliverance of Osama Bin Laden the next.

Arriving back in New York from London only an hour or so ahead of the news of the death of Osama Bin Laden, feelings were mixed to say the least.

Wire around WTC

Ground Zero May 2

Relief yes, that the search for this man is at an end.  Relief yes, that families, friends and acquaintances of the victims of the terrorist attacks which met a peak in the atrocity of the World Trade Centre might find a resting place for their grief.  Relief yes, that peace might find a way to make itself known in the Middle East. Relief yes, that our American Airlines flight made its way safely from London to New York before the question of retribution raises the ugly possibility of gut-wrenching fear.

Flowers at Ground Zero

Ground Zero May 2

Here in New York, the almost ten years since have rolled into minutes. Where not so long ago the smoking rubble wrought heartbreak, today brought new life to the memories of loved ones and hopes for those to come.

Ground Zero May 2

The quiet President who seduced with artful oratory during the last gripping presidential campaign is now, and always has been, leading with the calm dignity of artful intelligence.

Ground Zero May 2

Relief is in the air and tonight, in remembering the fallen, although many questions remain to be answered, New Yorkers, have come together. Regardless of race or religion.