Wedding Bells . . .

. . . will soon ring out in celebration of the union of Prince William and his bride, Catherine.  It feels almost as though, standing there together, about to take their vows, she will never be Kate again. The groom, in his uniform of the Irish Guards, and the bride in her gorgeous gown of lace and silk, are instant history.

Taw River Inn with flags, Sticklepath, Devon

One of our village pubs in Devon

The trees lining the aisle of the Abbey give an air of wood-nymphs on this morning of slightly overcast conditions.  English weather as it should be!  Soft and gentle.

Richard Chartres, Bishop of London, is extolling the day as one of joyful celebration, stating that every wedding is a royal wedding with dedication to faithful and committed relationships.

This green and pleasant land is now resounding to the rendition of Jerusalem.  Trumpet fanfare and now God is saving our gracious Queen, is there a dry eye in the Kingdom? Apart from Stephen Fry who is watching the snooker on BBC 2 . . .

Bells are now ringing.  In twitter land Piers Morgan has declared – The Monarchy is BACK.

The sun is putting it’s hat on and coming out from under the clouds.

And now it is back to the Palace, the next big cinematic moment being the kiss on the balcony with the Fly Pass from the RAF to come. Back in Bucklebury, Berkshire, the bride’s home village, bell ringers will be ringing out a 14 minute peel composed for the occasion.

A sea of Union Jacks is slowly making its way down the Mall in preparation for the big balcony scene.  Meanwhile, back in Hyde Park, Graham and Joyce, from Stoke-on-Trent, are being interviewed and discussing the emotion of the day, what the Queen means to them.  They were annoyed about some of the young ones in the crowd who did not stand to attention during the national anthem.  Joyce, with memories going back to the Blitz, managed to get the young rascals up off their butts and on to their feet.

A Lancaster, Spitfire and Hurricane are now in the air leading the Flight Path to make their way up the Mall.

“Oh, Wow!”  is the reaction of the bride as they step out onto the balcony and survey the waiting crowds.

Sealed with a kiss, here’s to life, wherever we are lucky enough to live it.

Union Jack Devonshire Inn

Flying the Flag in the village