Feeding the Protest . . .

. . . and feeling the love all from the slice of a pizza!  The deadlock in Wisconsin continues and protestors inside the Capitol are doing their best in maintaining the rage against Gov Walker’s proposals to de-stabilise the public sector unions.

One week ago a local pizza business sent 60 pizzas to the Capitol, a contribution to the cause. Someone blogged about it and hey, presto, the genie was out of the bottle and Ian’s Pizza have been busy supplying to the protestors ever since.

Reading in this morning’s New York Times it is the numbers which tell the picture.  Having read the blog, someone called in from California ordering two pizzas to be sent to the Capitol.  Facebook and Twitter have done the rest, and, along with donations from all across the US have come many more from across the world, particularly Egypt.   Not sure about Libya.  According to Ian’s management “some days Ian’s has cut off donations at $25,000 because that is the maximum value of pies it can make.”

Staff were increased from eight to 19 and they are now going through three tons of flour, up from the usual one, in the week.

The wonderful spirit of entrepreneurship,  so alive and well and keeping some part of the economy, and democracy, going. Rather than sending arms to Iraq, Afghanistan, wherever, why are we not sending take-out?  Or online grocery orders?  Putting charity into action rather than pennies on a plate?

I keep waiting to hear of any contribution being made to the cause by Dunkin’ Donuts.  As we all now know, America runs on Dunkin’.

Also in today’s paper, a small report with the headlines Voodoo Candles Ignited Deadly Fire, Officials Say. This took place in Flatbush, Brooklyn, last Saturday.  A woman living two floors up from where the blaze originated died.  Piecing together the facts of the voodoo ceremony officials interviewed the voodoo priest and the woman who hired him for $300 “to chase away evil spirits and bring her good luck.”  She followed instructions, both getting naked and into bed with the candles around the bed as part of the ceremony . . .