Feeling the Love . . .

. . . of rapturous fans is now a memory for the New York Giants and that wonderful day three years ago when Mayor Mike Bloomberg threw a ticker tape parade to celebrate their Super Bowl victory.


The parade route travels through the Financial District of Lower Broadway and is known as the Canyon of Heroes.

Broadway Parade NYC Downtown

Today’s heroes play baseball and football.  But, hey, everyone loves a parade.  Particularly politicians.  Almost leading the parade was Gov Eliot Spitzer, grinning from ear to ear and beaming with personal pride.  Remember when he was Governor?  Before he became infamous for keeping his socks on when paying huge sums of money for sex? I guess he figured he was buying quality. He has not gone away.  He is now a presenter on CNN and I have no idea what the viewing figures are.

Up in one of the many office windows overlooking the parade was a girl in her twenties with a sign held at her chest.  The sign was a simple call to Giants quarter-back “Eli Manning, Check my boobs!”  This drew snorts of derision from the young men in my part of the crowd.   They had names for her and they were not good, speculating that “if she could do this at 11.00 am on a Tuesday morning, what the hell was she like at the Christmas Party?”

New Yorkers are friendly people and never more so than when in a crowd.  It was no surprise to me therefore when an older man said two very kind words to me, “Nice camera!”  We fell into camera talk, but, the good listener that I am, I let him do the talking on the techs and the specs. I point and I shoot with my simple camera.  His Sony digital SLR was falling apart.  How could I possibly tell him my camera is better than the so many dud shots I take?  Still, the man was impressed and we eventually parted, he with the satisfied determination to go and get such a great little camera. Can I come with you, I wanted to know but did not dare to ask, and you can tell me everything I need to know to get the best out of it?  Please?   I said goodbye.

He went uptown. I went downtown, down the middle of Broadway feeling the welcoming freedom of fresh air as the crowd receded.  The canyon was a paper-strewn jumble and into the frame jumped a little girl.

Tick Tape Fun in NYC

To young girls everywhere, past and present, never stop jumping and don’t forget to see the joy. The future depends on it!

Oh, and don’t go making offers to football players they can’t possibly refuse . . .