Stitches in Time . . .

. . . and on a quiet, cold winter’s evening, the needle is pulling my thread through a tapestry of memory lanes.

Football dramas belong to yesterday, to be continued February 6th with the Super Bowl in Arlington, Texas.  Go Packers!

Tomorrow night mainstream television channels, and some radio stations, clear the usual programmes to make way for  President Barack Obama’s State of the Union address. The recent tragedy of Tucson has worked to spread some bi-partisan love in that representatives from both sides, Democrat and Republicans, are going to mix it up with the seating plans. Rather than sit on opposite sides of the great divide, the red and the blue will blend into what is hoped to be a more noble  . . .  purple, the colour of Rome. Is this a good thing?

Enough with the speculation. My tapestry has been a work in progress for too long. Years, in fact. Finally, a freezing cold winter’s day with the sun shining from a bright blue sky, I pick up the stitches.  Every stitch has become a trip down memory lane as I recall the places it has been with me over the years. The faces sharing the spaces with me beside the fire. The coffee, the glasses of wine. The joys and the heartbreaks through the seasons but always with the warmth of family, friends and the memories they have left me with in those yawning moments when I have been on my own but never alone.

Procrastination may be the thief of all time but I for one am more than grateful for the gifts it has to offer. Every stitch a memory, with more to come.

So many more to come because Rachel Maddow (LOOK HER UP!) is now having fun on MSNBC speculating on the machinations of presentations tomorrow night in the House for the State of the Union.  And Paul Ryan?  You heard his name here!  First!  But more on him.  Later.

This cushion is going to take forever . . .