Baby, it’s cold outside . . .

. . . but it is heating up in Chicago where the Bears are playing dirty against the Green Bay Packers in the NFC Championship.

Temperature here in NYC, and Chicago, is 21 degs.  Fahrenheit. It is the final ten minutes of play and the Packers have had blood spilled as the Bears do what bears do when they are fired up and angry.  And just now someone from the Packers has copped an 18 yard interception from the Bears, run with the ball and scored a touchdown to take the score to 21 – 7.

The player, B.J. Raji, is no lithesome athlete.  Calling himself  “the Freezer” he weighs in at 338lbs, much of it bouncing around his middle as he runs with that ball.

Less than three minutes to go and the Bears are clawing their way back, 21 – 14.

Viewing figures for Sunday football are through the roof and my guess is that, as a game and a broadcast, it has something for everyone. Including a final TOUCH DOWN 37 secs from the final whistle blow.  And from another interception!  Sam Shields made the play and they are off to Texas for the Super Bowl.

Next up, the NY Jets play the Steelers at Pittsburgh in the finals of the AFC Championship.  Good luck Jets but . . . I am not sure that their luck is going to hold out.

Have to love those crazy Packers fans, almost as much as they love their cheese!

Well done Wisconsin!