Winter forever . . .

. . . or so it is feeling at the moment.  Cold and wet with lashings of heavy winds, the weather comes down from the top of the moor in fits of moorland anger. Not a day for even going down to the compost heap.

Yesterday, however, we woke to a morning of winter birdsong and early sunshine and lo, we were for this day in paradise.

The warmth of the winter sun was truly sensational and I thought of so many stories read of  childhoods in the bitter, northern hemisphere winters where once upon a time the treat at the bottom of the Christmas stocking was a tangerine, a clementine or an orange. Sunshine in the hand, a bright spot in the depths of so many dark days of forever winter. Oranges now fall off trees and into our shopping baskets with total disregard to seasonality and the Christmas treat is now the Terry’s Chocolate Orange.

Alas, I digress.  From what point I am not sure but digression is easy when nodding by the fire with memories of sunscreen and sun nymphs dancing about in yesterday’s garden of earthly delights. Today’s filthy weather has re-claimed its winter crown, lulling me into a lush of lethargy.

But not so bad that I wasn’t able to open the bar . . .

Beer by the fire
Cheers dears, so wish you were here!
Edit:  And yes, one year later, I still love winter and with a dose of winter sunshine, what’s not to love!