Snow, Snow, Snow . . .

. . . and no Sunday Night Football.  Tonight’s game, the Philadelphia Eagles v. Minnesota Vikings at home in Philadelphia, has been postponed to Tuesday because of predicted heavy snowfall in the region.  Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendall is not best pleased.  He was looking forward to an old-fashioned football match in the snow, raccoon coats lining the sidelines.  Go Team!

The Vikings are now stuck in Philadelphia, so many flights in and out of the north-east have been cancelled, although this does give Brett Favre and others extra time for recovery before the big match on Tuesday night. The first NFL game on this night since 1946. Tuesday night? There is no theme tune for this gig.

Other matches played today – the New England Patriots beat the Buffalo Bills (who?), The New York Jets lost against the Chicago Bears but limped into the play-offs while the New York Giants were beaten into the ground by those fabulous Packers from Green Bay.

Here in New York, we are sitting through the first blizzard of the season.  Any view outside the windows has disappeared as the freezing winds blow the snow to settle and ice within the frames. Nothing signals the sound of winter quite like the scrape of the thundering snow-ploughs.   Life goes on however and with the wind howling and rattling its way down the chimney-piece I am content instead to settle with The Sound of Music and Christopher Plummer’s delightfully crooked smile . . .

Until then, we have Tuesday night to look forward to.  As much as I admire the Vikings I am hoping the Eagles make it to the Super Bowl.  Against the Patriots.  The Pittsburgh Steelers might be in there somewhere, although I do hope not because I would love to see Michael Vick square off against Tom Brady.

The screenplay, the screenplay.  I keep going on about the screenplay (anyone want to write it with me?) but this one, I hope, has redemption written all over it – Tom Brady, Michael Vick, old men together, best friends forever.