Sunday Night Football . . .

. . . and results are in.  Mr Predicto might have done his best, but, like all the good teams, it was not good enough.  I can only follow so many games, and, busy getting the Christmas tree etc (days before I need to but that is another story) I missed the first big game to kick off in the afternoon between the NY Giants and the Philadelphia Eagles.  Predictions had the Giants tipped to win by 2 1/2 which indeed they were doing until the Eagles once again began to fly. High. Michael Vick threw three touchdowns to take the Eagles into the lead and win the game.  A stunning defeat in the last 7 minutes, 37 -31, and the coach, taking all the blame, has taken himself down to the railway tracks to wait for the next train.

Next up Jets v. Steelers.  In Pittsburgh.  Blind Freddy could have picked this one but this week he was going to be wrong.  The Jets have had a good run of bad luck, or bad play, call it what you will and the Steelers, well, they are from Pittsburgh.  Perfectly balanced.  A chip on both shoulders.  Under driving snow and a full moon which had Steeler fans howling, the Jets defied predictions to came from behind and win 22 – 17.

Finally, the big one.  Packers v. Patriots.  The Packers, without a star QB, were playing well ahead against predictions.  Tom Brady, Patriots QB, was not looking happy.  His sultry good looks smouldered on the side line. In the last few minutes, when it could so easily have gone either way, the Packers threw a pass to win, it missed, a fat Patriot fell on the ball and the final whistle blew 31 -27 to the Patriots.  Check out Dan Connolly, offensive lineman, (chunky) returning  a kick-off 71 yards.

Meanwhile, it is goodnight from me

Tom Brady

and goodnight from Tom. Tom Brady.