. . .  has let this turkey go!

Crap on My Desk and You Can Forget Any Pardon

Is the turkey, like America, running on Dunkin?  And why am I so obsessed with this Donut?  Who says advertising doesn’t work? The subliminal message has indeed seeped through to the deep sub-concious and I am hearing messages in voice-over, almost as though they are long lost uncles and aunts who reassure me that I am not alone, not the foreigner I know myself to be.

So, sitting as I am on the other side of that pond which separates both so much and so little, and from where the Pilgrim Fathers sailed so long ago into a far distant and unknown sunset, I think of the many who sit together with family and turkey to give thanks.  Which indeed they do and for a more thorough reading on the background I recommend you take a look at www.britoninnewyork.com

“Happy Holidays” they say to one and all, and you know what, they mean it!  This is the holiday which transcends religious belief, – thank God, Yaweh and Allah and so many others, race – we are all of us from somewhere, and colour – we are all of us shades of black, brown and white.

In the spirit of this holiday therefore let us all pause a moment and give thanks.  Me?  I am so thankful not to be cooking a turkey today.  That can wait until Christmas.  More than once a year for any turkey is more than enough for me.

Christmas trees hit the streets tomorrow.  They are out there lurking in vans, waiting to hit the streets in a burst of surprising spontaneity.  As for Black Friday and the ding-a-ling of Christmas bells and cash registers  . . .  it is hardly surprising that Thanskgiving is such a favourite holiday for so many.

Happy Holidays!