Letters from a Broad . . .

. . . about people and places and as such I dedicate it to each and every one of us who gets out of bed and through the day! Wherever you are, wherever you go.  We each of us have our stories to tell – I am telling you some of mine.  Please, feel free to tell some of yours.

Fran Lebowitz tells many stories whilst having enjoyed almost three decades worth of writer’s block and in a recent piece from the New York Times she declares she is such an astute witness to street life because she is the only one among us, in our bleak BlackBerry civilization, really paying attention. Does this mean therefore that she noticed me noticing her on Friday afternoon at the 51st St Subway on Lexington as she lined up to the ticket booth to make an inquiry? Wondering what she tells her hairdresser when he/she asks, “what do you do?”  I suspect she cuts her own hair . . .

Also telling stories is O’Bama, to his daughters, (where on earth does he get the time?)

Of Thee I Sing: A Letter to My Daughters

Here is a review from a grateful reader, courtesy of Amazon –

This review is from: Of Thee I Sing: A Letter to My Daughters (Hardcover)

This is a very good book from our President, the book promote American heritage and human dignity and what made us great. Thanks Mr. President for writing this book.

Author, Femi Folorunsho
The Audacity of God’s Power
Keep your Marriage of Keep the Street
War Against the Devil.


It’s what makes this country great.  Happy Holidays!  We’ll talk turkey later!