Only the lonely . . .

. . . drink alone.  So not true!!!  I drink alone a lot and I am never lonely.  At home, often on my own, I have my friends from MSNBC keeping me company along with endless re-runs of Seinfeld.  Tell me, let’s take a survey, what is your favourite episode?  And just how sorry do you feel for George?  Now that he has a successful career as Larry David I no longer feel as concerned for George as once I did.

Curb any concern re-drinking on my own at home.  I do go to bars.  Some of my best friends have been made there!  If you want to make a friend in this country, go to a bar. You might never see them again but the world is smaller than we think so never say never.

Sit at any bar in the US long enough, with the TV screens broadcasting the latest football or baseball, and conversation will inevitably flow.  Comments, opinions, they come your way and you are entitled to return yours.  Back and forth it goes.  Also, go into any half decent restaurant, cafe, whatever and there will often be room to sit at the bar even if all the tables are full.  Drink, and eat, at the bar.  Pick the long-time bored married couple? They are at that table for two, over in the corner, staring across each other’s shoulders into the far wide realms of what if ?. . . hey, come sit up at the bar!  Meet Mike!  He’s up from Florida, in town pitching the latest in whiteboard technology.  The lady on the other side wants to know what that dish is you ordered, it’s looking so good!  Mike, meet lady. Hey, we all have so much in common.  Yes, we are here!  We shake hands, all of us, business cards are exchanged (I have always just run out of mine . . .).  And here is Steve, in a bar on Polk St in San Fran, a tech guy who works on sports broadcasts.  He wants to know, “Wo wohnen sie?”  Ich wohne in New York I tell him.  But I don’t talk from New York, nor does he talk from Deutschland.  He is is a US army brat in San Fran who tells us every thing we need to know about the Giants.  And this was in the play-off against the Phillies when Brian “Fear the Beard” Wilson saved that day!

Any critics out there, please feel free to edit as fits.  Meanwhile, let me know, does the cherry in a Manhattan qualify as part of my five-a-day?

Told you it was my last word on the mid-terms!